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If you're wondering where like... five sevenths of my gallery went, I deleted it.

If you're browsing for my Sonic art, please be informed I no longer participate in that fandom and have no plans to produce more Sonic fanart.



Happy Halloween!!! Fairy Tail edition by Shirokaze2012
Happy Halloween!!! Fairy Tail edition
And also Happy Birthday Clara~ you get the original copy next time I see you.

Frosch is there because I like Frosch, and you can't stop me!
Frosavoir by Shirokaze2012
Its ice cold breath cools the air around it. Anyone caught in the frosty area it creates is said to be able to peer into the future at their own death.

I wanted to do another cool pokemon fusion, so this time I've drawn Gardevoir and Froslass. Gardevoir goes with pretty much anything though.
Igneel by Shirokaze2012
This moment, is the moment I've been waiting for since I started reading the series. I could not be happier

so I did a redraw of the page
Gaurdian of the seas by Shirokaze2012
Gaurdian of the seas
I came up the original concept for her about 3 years ago. She's one of two goddesses that created the world in which my story takes place. She's also very large and hosts a small country in her body. That tail stretching to the horizon is no mistake.

There are some black dots on the cliff side in the bottom right corner...that's a very large dragon and 3 people and a tree
Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki and Hide by Shirokaze2012
Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki and Hide
I'm calling it. I'm done with this pic, otherwise I'll spend the rest of my life trying to improve it.

I pretty much drew it because I can't deal with this series, and I'd like to focus on the simpler times before anything in the story happened.

I spent way too much time on this....I drew that sign up on the building that says 8月29日 weeks ago, anticipating it'd still be a future date this year when I posted it, but it's been weeks since that date as well...(at least It could mean any year)
The other sign's supposed to say bike repair shop...I spent an hour on google making sure it was accurate, but I'm somehow still convinced I messed up.

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