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If you're wondering where like... five sevenths of my gallery went, I deleted it.

If you're browsing for my Sonic art, please be informed I no longer participate in that fandom and have no plans to produce more Sonic fanart.



2009-2014 Art Improvement by Shirokaze2012
2009-2014 Art Improvement
Also Known as: Shiro cringes at at 5/6 years worth of art.

If you can't read my handwriting on the image here's a transcription of that:
2009: age 15
Got my hands on some sonic games in 08...then I got unsupervised internet and computer access in 09. All I did was obsess over Sonic The F*cking Hedgehog the entire time, but what else would you expect? I had nothing better I wanted to do...
2010: age 16
That sonic Obsession was still going strong, I sorta tried my hand at people but I wasn't good at it immediately so I was like...f*ck it and kept drawing Sonic characters mostly.
2011: age 17
The Sonic phase finally died out. I started to get into anime and also making stories. That dragon was from a VERY early concept of a big manga project I'd been working on.
2012: age 18
I spent the year mostly obsessed with "One Piece" but I drew some other things I was proud of. (Yes I ship ships)
2013: age 19
Not a whole lot of art got posted. Several months were spent on a single manga contest, so these are sort of nice looking scraps of the year.
2014: age 20
This was a pretty good year for fully done stuff. That Pokemon pic was mega popular and I'm pretty happy with the rest of the stuff.
Early Snowfall by Shirokaze2012
Early Snowfall
"People always complain about the weather no matter what. If it's too hot they want it to be colder, and if it's too cold they want it to be warmer.
All good things come in moderation. You can't appreciate something if you have it all the time. No one's going to regret a little snow on a hot autumn day."


This is a contest entry for R-no71 :iconr-no71:
the grand prize is a 3DSXL and I thought I'd give it a go.
The theme was "Indian summer" and her character Neige as seen above has ice based powers, which is the reason I've drawn what I've drawn.
I also took the writing portion of the contest very literally with 300 characters. with spaces the characters in the writing portion in the italicized quotes is 303. I sorta stuck with short and sweet and to the point, since I couldn't think of much to write.
Route 2 by Shirokaze2012
Route 2
Did this entirely with Krita's "Shape Fill" brush. It took me a while to figure out how to use it with my style.
Happy Halloween!!! Fairy Tail edition by Shirokaze2012
Happy Halloween!!! Fairy Tail edition
And also Happy Birthday Clara~ you get the original copy next time I see you.

Frosch is there because I like Frosch, and you can't stop me!

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